Company Profile


The Pioneer A/C Manufacturer

All around the country, the Cooler Iran name stands for competence and product diversity in the automotive air conditioning systems. The "Auto Tavakkol Bus Fleet" that Ali Akbar Tavassol Bagheri founded in Tehran, in 1940 have grown in the course of more than seventy years to become the pioneer manufacturer of automotive air-conditioning systems in Iran.


Main Specialty

Cooler Iran is specialized in designing and manufacturing of automotive air-conditioning systems. Our growing range of advanced products and services are delivered based on the experience gained through three decades of business activities in this field. It is the first company in Iran, which manufactures various models of A/C for domestic market. Cooler Iran is the best solution to end your agony during hot seasons and will add to your absolute comfort during driving.


Appropriate Quality for New Era

Quality is the number one slogan in cooler Iran Company. The products are designed and manufactured with the most advanced technology and high accuracy to insure maximum reliability. Cooler Iran as pioneer in the field of auto air-conditioning provides high quality standard products and services to its customers; the company has invested considerably in research and development and specialize Laboratory to enhance the durability of its products.



Cooler Iran, is the first manufacturer of automotive A/C systems in Iran. The company has production facilities, service centers and authorized sales agents nationwide and is increasing its customer service by adapting new communication strategies, close contact with the market, and seeking feedback from the customers.



The factory has the reputation of being the first automotive A/C system manufacturing plant in Iran and was originally inaugurated by the minister of industry. It is located in Firouzkouh, in an industrial zone specially designed for industrial sites by the government in the northeast of Tehran.


Inauguration Year: 1994


Area: 3500 sq. M


Location: Firouzkouh Industrial City

























































Cabin Air Filter Line




Head Office & Engineering - Technical Complex

In order to provide better and faster service to OEM Customers, in the year 2004 Cooler Iran inaugurated it's Head Office & Engineering – Technical Complex in 14th Kilometer of Karaj Special Road which is near to most Iranian major OEM Companies.


Inauguration Year: 2004


Location: 14th KM of Karaj Special Road






















Head Office




















































Engineering Office