Hose & Pipe Ass'y


The pipes of the air conditioning system allow the circulation through the different compo¬nents to assure proper functioning under all opera¬ting conditions.

The hoses are manufactured in conformity with the international standards and SAE .The hoses consist of a section of flexible parts, with corresponding fittings crimped at the ends.

The Inner layer resists the penetration action of the gas and has high chemical and mechanical stability from —30° to 120 °C.

The intermediate part consists of one or more textile braids to assure adequate resistance to pressure up to a value of 175 Atm.

The outer neoprene presents a high impermeability to penetration of moisture.

The fittings at the end of the hoses are of different con¬figurations, depending on the coupling between the hose element and the component. These fittings have flare, O-ring and quick connection couplings.

The fittings can be mounted easily and quickly and do not jeopardize the sealing.