It can be installed on the condenser or on the radiator. When the electric fan is mounted on the condenser, it is mounted towards the vehicle front and works in « thrust »; that is, it sucks air from the outside and thrusts it towards the condenser. If it is, however, mounted towards the engine com¬partment, it works in « suction ». That is, it sucks air from the outside through the condenser. If the electric fan is installed on the radiator, it is always mounted towards the engine compartment, normally adjacent to the engine fan and works in suction.

The operation of the electric fan varies according to its applications. If there is a trinary pressure switch in the system, the electric fan is switched on or off, as controlled by the pressure in the high-pressure part. In other cases, the fan runs continuously starting when the air conditioner system is switched on. In some cases, the condenser fan is controlled by thermistor, which switches the engine fan on and off; thus, both fans operate simul¬taneously.