Here is a list of A/C-related frequently asked questions:


1) How to Keep a Windshield from Fogging Up in the cold weather?

To resolve this problem in the cold weather concurrent with heater system working should turn on A/C system to absorb water vapor and pass through it in evaporator and repulse all fluidal by drain hose.

   How do:

A) Adjust handhold key of cooling & heating in your automotive panel on heat (red sign)

b) Heater system should be turn on

c) Push A/C key


2) How is the performance of automatics controller of air conditioner system in new cars?

In new air condition system (clime control), car's driver only adjust temperature. This command allows the temperature of car's interior to be accurately controlled by activating some sensors.

Users can set the required temperature and the system automatically adjusts the speed and amount of cold air introduced into the cabin. Notice that in some new model adjustment of temperature for front & behind passenger may be adjusted by separators command.


3) What happen if don’t replace cabin air filter on time?

If you don’t replace cabin air filter or replace it lately, actually you & your passenger have some problem

1- By falling pressure air pass through filter decrease and by increasing consumption amp fan be warm and performance of air condition system to reduce.

2- Dusts & pollutant gather in filter media and according environment's condition may to growth bacteria and mold spores on filter and cause unpleasant   odor and trouble in breathing and etc.


4) Does gas quality and recharging procedure are effective in air conditioning performance?

Nonstandard gases cause some problem such as corrosion and failure in internal part of A/C system especially at compressor; notice that nonstandard gas reduce performance of A/C system& cooling capacity.


5) What reason cause unpleasant odors inside of compartment by using A/C system?

Long term staying of water and damp on surface and case of evaporator and no expelled of them cause to gather bacteria and unpleasant  odor when you use your A/C system. To resolve of this problem you can spray specific materials to lavation & bactericide on surface and case of evaporator.


6) Is it better to adjust air entrance of your A/C system on FRESH AIR or recycle?

   When you use air condition system of your automotive, if you use fresh air entrance cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently and warm air & contaminants pass into vehicle and cause   to reduce air quality that circulates inside the vehicle and decrease the performance of A/C system, so it is recommended that set hatch air entrance into RECYCLE when you want to use A/C system.


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